Deck Maintenance

deck maintenance

Deck Maintenance

Unlike some other areas of a home, fences and decks do not require much maintenance throughout their lifetime and are very easy to keep up with. Below are some deck maintenance and home improvement tips.


  1. Depending on what type of fence you get, they are easy to keep up with over the years. Fences don’t ever just “break” and that is very beneficial. If you have a metal fence especially, it can be very durable and can resist a lot of conditions. A wooden or painted fence may require some keeping up with because the paint may wear off or the wood may start to weather down. Even if this is the case with some fences, they still require very little work on your part.


  1. Adding onto that, other than the designing of your deck and the furniture you place on it, it rarely requires maintenance. Decks are meant to withstand all sorts of weather conditions and furniture. The only form of maintenance that you may need on your deck over the years is an occasional power washing, but even then, that only requires a quick phone call. Weather it be cedar, redwood, etc. a deck doesn’t require much upkeep at all.


  1. You may wonder how fences and decks are able to sustain through strong winds, heavy rainfall, snow, etc. First, fences are built with slits in them which allows for wind to flow through the fence. They are also painted with a weatherproof form of exterior paint especially on wooden fences as they are more likely to get weathered down from rainfall. Also, when it comes to decks, they also have slits in them so that rain can fall through the deck instead of sitting right on top of it. Professionals also use weatherproof technology to be able to support it.


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