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  • Wood Deck Needs Replacement

    Signs a Wood Deck Needs Replacement Wooden decks are undoubtedly sturdy and beautiful, but they will need to be replaced before too many years pass. The typical wood deck lasts 10 to 15 years, but there are signs that a… Read More

  • Winter Deck Care

    Winter Deck Care Preparing Your Deck to Survive Winter As you sit on your deck the last few weeks of fall, soaking in the beautiful weather, make sure your deck is prepared to survive the winter.  Taking winter deck care… Read More

  • Deck Design

    Deck Design We’ve worked on a lot of decking projects over the years, so we know first hand that there are tons of cool features you can use to spice up your dream deck design!   Dreaming of your own… Read More

  • Low Maintenance Decking

    Low Maintenance Decking Low maintenance decking sounds great, but what does that term actually mean? Here’s exactly why we love low maintenance decking!   We love a classic wooden deck, but low maintenance decking is at the top of our… Read More

  • Winter Deck Installation

    Deck Installation in the Winter Deck installation is usually reserved for warmer months. However, winter deck installation has its own benefits!   Winter helps prepare a deck Deck installment in the Winter may be good for you because the upcoming… Read More

  • Type of Deck to Install

    Which Type of Deck to Install ? Installing a deck is a great way to improve your outdoor living at home. However, there are different types of decks to install, and each has different strengths. In this article, we will… Read More

  • Types of Decks

    How Do I Know Which of the Types of Decks to Install? When looking at what types of decks to install, it is important to identify your needs and what you want to get out of the space. Here are… Read More

  • Installing a Deck

    Installing a Deck A deck has many uses, and it can really spruce up your home and living area. Here are some reasons as to why you should look into installing a deck: A deck can improve your living space… Read More

  • Deck Maintenance

    Deck Maintenance Unlike some other areas of a home, fences and decks do not require much maintenance throughout their lifetime and are very easy to keep up with. Below are some deck maintenance and home improvement tips.   Depending on… Read More

  • Aluminum or Vinyl Decking

    Aluminum or Vinyl Decking There are several factors you want to consider when contemplating choosing aluminum or vinyl decking. The good news is that they are both very durable solutions that will stand up to the weather. So, let’s get… Read More

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