Winter Deck Installation

winter deck installation

Deck Installation in the Winter

Deck installation is usually reserved for warmer months. However, winter deck installation has its own benefits!


  1. Winter helps prepare a deck

Deck installment in the Winter may be good for you because the upcoming snow, frost, and other weather conditions can help get a deck prepared for these different conditions in the future.  As the deck withstands the elements it’s tolerance and strength has been proven and resistances can be more than verified!


  1. During Winter there is little humidity or heat

Winter is a good time for deck installment also because the ground is often dry or frozen. When installing a deck in the spring/summer months, it often causes more damage due to the increased moisture in the ground from rainfall and warmer temperatures. When putting in a deck in the Winter, by the time spring and summer roll around your yard along with your deck will look brand new.


  1. Labor costs may be down as the Winter may be seen as the “offseason” for some deck builders

Many people would not think of the Winter for being a good time to install their new deck. Deck builders are probably used to this drop in sales during this time because of the season. This would be a great opportunity for homeowners to get good labor costs and have exceptional service because these deck builders won’t be as busy.


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