Winter Maintenance Tips for Deck

Winter Maintenance

3 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Deck

You spent all summer enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your deck, now it is time to give it some TLC. The effort that you put into the winter maintenance of your deck can extend its lifespan by years. It will ensure it is ready to go next spring when you want to have your first cookout or family gathering. Here are some of our best winter maintenance tips for your deck.

Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Deck

  1. Clean It Off: Fall can be bad news for your deck, as leaves and yard debris litter the surface and can lead to mildew and mold growth. One of the most important winter maintenance tips we can give is to thoroughly clean the surface of your deck. Use a power washer on the appropriate setting to get rid of all dirt and debris. If you leave it behind, the moisture of snow and rain can lead to algae, moss and mildew growth during the winter. Everything that you leave behind could lead to rot, permanent discoloration and other deck issues.
  2. Look for Decay: When you are following our other winter maintenance tips, keep your eyes peeled for any signs of decay or rot. Are there signs of mold or mildew? Do any of the deck boards have cracked, split, warped or weathered wood? Do you see rotting boards? Are the railings firm or shaky? Are any nails raised on the surface of the deck? All of these should be taken care of promptly, as a deck in disrepair is a serious safety hazard. It is a good idea to check your deck throughout the winter in case the freeze-thaw cycle damaged any wood.
  3. Stain or Seal: The summer and fall sun can be harsh and unforgiving on wood decks. If there is discoloration or water penetration, late fall might be the perfect time to re-stain or re-seal. Your wood deck’s stain helps to maintain a vivid color and finish. Sealing prevents moisture and mold from reaching the wood. It can also guard your deck boards against splintering due to fluctuations in the temperature outside.
  4. Have an Inspection Done: Finally, you can also rely on Excel Fencing and Decking to get these winter maintenance tips finished. We can visit your home and thoroughly check your deck, while making recommendations on how to keep it in excellent condition. We are always here to help.

Complete These Maintenance Tips with Excel Fencing and Decking

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