Warping Deck Boards

warping deck boards

What Should You Do With Warping Deck Boards?

Warping deck boards are a serious issue that can be caused by age, a lack of maintenance or even simply issues with the wood itself. Thankfully, there are several options you have for warped boards depending on your budget and the severity of the warping.


Why Do Warping Deck Boards Happen?

Wood is constantly expanding and contracting based on the humidity of the environment surrounding it to reach its equilibrium moisture content, also known as EMC. If the wood has a higher moisture content than the air around it, it will shrink until it loses enough moisture to match the air. If the wood is dry, it will suck moisture from the air to match it. This is true of anything made from wood, including your deck boards. Warping deck boards can happen during this process.


How Can You Correct a Warped Board?

If boards on your deck have warped, you can first attempt to straighten them. If they are bowed (curving up or down lengthwise), you can clamp it back into place with high pressure. This will correct the issue and allow you to use your deck normally. If you have cupping or twisting in the deck boards, it can require outright replacement. We are always happy to assess your deck and warping deck boards to determine whether or not it can be repaired through clamping or if complete board replacement would be more appropriate.

Replacing warping deck boards can be done by a professional quickly. We will measure the boards on your deck and find the right wood to put in place of it. Wood with straight grain is less likely to have issues warping, and denser woods are also more resistant. Once we install the new boards to replace the warping deck boards, you should restore the structure and safety of your deck.


Maintain Your Deck in the Winter with Help from Excel Fencing and Decking

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