Patriotic Deck Party

Enjoy a Patriotic Party with These Deck Decorations 


Summer’s biggest holiday—the Fourth of July—is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for parties and patriotism. Many Maryland homeowners celebrate our nation’s independence at backyard barbecues, pool parties, and other outdoor gatherings of family and friends. You’ve worked hard this summer mowing, washing, staining, and painting.  Now it’s time to kick back and show off your patriotic pride!  Here are some fun and exciting DIY decorations to enhance your deck and lawn this Fourth of July.

Stars, Stripes and Seats

Bring a burst of color to your deck or patio by decorating chairs and benches. Make your own stars and stripes by wrapping seats with ribbons and streamers. Red, white, and blue throw pillows will keep your guests feeling comfy and patriotic. We all know wood benches require periodic painting and staining, so make a splash at your party by covering them in the colors of the flag.  It’s one project you can keep just for the holiday or all summer long!

Patriotic Plants

Beautiful blooms like carnations, mums, hydrangeas, and zinnias make for colorful, natural decorations. Instead of visiting the nursery every year, make the red, white and blue part of your annual summer garden. Fourth of July Climbing Rose is renowned for its velvety red blossoms and white striping, making it a natural choice for the holiday. Complete the color scheme by planting great blue lobelia, a desirable addition to any garden that thrives in Maryland.  Even if you don’t have the space for a lot of plants, try keeping a container garden on your deck.  It’s a great design idea—not just for the Fourth of July!

Dress Up Your Fence

You can’t go wrong with a little (or of lot) of patriotic bunting.  Wrap these decorations all the way around your aluminum or wood fence for a festive touch. You can make your own by purchasing patterned fabric at your local craft and/or discount stores.  Take it a step further by making your own unique designs with ripped fabric, halved paper plates, tissue paper and paint. The red, white, and blue will look even better up against a well-maintained, high-quality fence.  If you need a new one installed or upgrades to your current perimeter, contact Excel Fencing & Decking for solutions in Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding areas.

Fly the Flag

There’s no better way to show your patriotism than to display the flag.  And there’s no better time to install a flagpole than before your Fourth of July party. This process takes only a few days, and two of those are just to give the concrete enough time to cure. Be sure to follow instructions closely, as the depth of the hole will depend upon the size of the pole and the type of soil on your property. But imagine the view you’ll have on your deck, watching Old Glory proudly wave as fireworks burst above.

Light It Up

Christmas gets all the love when it comes to lights, but the Fourth of July can be just as bright. Strings of red, white, and blue bulbs or paper lanterns with patriotic designs will add to the ambiance.  While providing lighting during your party all night long!  For a more rustic look, paint mason jars with mod podge before covering them with glitter and colored tissue paper. Fill the jars with tealights to brighten your backyard bash.

Fourth of July parties are a lot of fun, and yours will look fabulous with these decoration dos. Please let us know if you need any help fixing up your deck, patio, or fence before and after the big day.  We at Excel Fencing & Decking wish everyone a safe and happy (not to mention patriotic) holiday!

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