Heating Your Deck in Winter

Heating Your Deck in Winter

Heating Your Deck in Winter

Heating your deck in winter is essential if you want to enjoy the cool, outside air during the off-season.  Here are some ways to keep yourself toasty warm and cozy when the cold winter weather strikes.

Bring On the Heat: Types of Heaters

Fire pits and patio heaters are two common ways to heat up a deck in winter.  Wood-burning fire pits can be made out of elaborate stone or concrete, or can come in pre-assembled wrought iron bowls.  If you prefer not to use matches, propane-fueled heaters are available.

Patio heaters are designed for outdoor use and come in many different styles.  They can be placed on a wooden deck, but make sure the device is meant to be used outdoors and has been tested for safety. Use it properly and keep it away from combustible materials.

Propane units work well on wood decks, especially in colder climates.  Infrared heater models emit a radiant energy that warms up people and furniture nearby, but isn’t useful for large spaces.  A portable patio heater is tall and doesn’t take up much space. It is usually fueled by propane and can heat up an area of 25 square feet.  Also known as heat lamps, they are common on restaurant patios and ideal when eating outdoors.

A portable or prefab fireplace is ideal for a smaller outdoor space, especially if you want to move it around.  Also known as chimineas, they have a narrow, vertical chimney that allows fresh air to fuel the fire while keeping the smoke away.

A tabletop fire pit is a nice addition to an outdoor dining table where people are gathered.  A gas-fired pit is a less messy option and the flames are contained. They can also be adjusted at the flick of a switch.

Finally, if you want a structure that is ideal for compact outdoor areas and gardens, consider a small bowl-style fire pit. They are freestanding and are portable, which makes them perfect for an on-the-go cookout.

Install Cozy Furnishings

Sometimes heating up is just a state-of-mind.  Cozy up the atmosphere on your deck with comfy couches and chairs with lots of padding, plus extra pillows and lots of blankets to add warmth.  You can throw the blankets in the dryer to heat them up before heading outside.

Keep Your Deck Ice & Snow Free

Protect your deck from being damaged by the winter elements. Ice and snow can contribute to cracking, splitting or warping.  Sweep the snow away with a broom, not a shovel which can scratch or gouge a wooden deck.  An outdoor heater can keep the ice away.

Ready to Refresh Your Deck?

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