Kitchen Flooring

kitchen flooring

Remodel the Kitchen Flooring

Ready for a kitchen redo?  Spruce Up the Floor Too!

Are you in the market for a kitchen remodel?  While you are redoing the kitchen cabinets and countertops, give the kitchen flooring a new look too.


Types of Kitchen Flooring Styles

There are many flooring styles to choose from to fit your lifestyle and personality.  Put a little fun into your kitchen to help keep it the most popular room in the house.


Do-it-Yourself Options

Hardwood floors are very durable, but they do lose their shine after some time.  Instead of replacing them, simply re-stain or refinish them to buff out scratches, and repair discoloration and dullness.  This is a DIY project that can save you money and only needs to be done about every 10 years.

If you enjoy the DIY route, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to freshen up linoleum, wood, or tile flooring. This is an affordable way to brighten your kitchen and give it a new look. However, be sure to prep your floor before you begin painting.


Bring on the Heat

The kitchen is probably the most used room in your house, so why not add some electric floor heating.  It is an inexpensive, effective, and energy-efficient way to heat up the kitchen and keep it warm and cozy.


Popular Kitchen Flooring Styles on the Market

If you want a sturdy kitchen flooring that is waterproof and easy to clean, luxury vinyl flooring may be the perfect choice.  It matches the look of more expensive floorings like hardwood, ceramic or porcelain, but without the extra cost or constant maintenance.

Bring the retro style back wIth linoleum.  With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can bring the classic look into your modern kitchen.  Linoleum floors are durable, made of all-natural materials, are easy to maintain and water-resistant.

Manufactured tiles are durable and stain resistant.  Ceramic and porcelain are among the most popular types. However, ceramic can be cold and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time.  Porcelain is durable, versatile, and fits well in a kitchen with a simple style.


Fun Styles to Try

Put a jolt of energy in your kitchen with a patterned tile.   There are many types to choose from, including bold or printed patterns, mosaic and checkered. A geometric pattern like triangles, diamonds or hexagons can be very eye-catching.

A popular design trend, called cottagecore, is gaining ground.  This design focuses on nature, simplicity, comfort and spaces decorated with rustic touches.  To bring some of this charm into your kitchen, whitewash your dark floorboards, or add a touch of a stencil design to your tile flooring.


The Elegant Look

Natural stone flooring is resistant to scratches, heat and stains.  Stone floors come in many colors and materials, but it comes with a high price tag.

Marble is elegant and is common in luxury homes. No two slabs are the same, so you are assured of a one-of-a-kind style in your kitchen.  Marble flooring is expensive, but it works well in high-traffic areas and comes in many colors.


Kitchen Flooring Styles for the Price Conscious

Rustic engineered wood mimics solid wood flooring, but is less expensive.  With many colors, widths and types to choose from, engineered wood floors are a very versatile option.  They can be installed over concrete or existing flooring, and are easy to care for.

Laminate flooring features planks that are snapped and locked into place. It is DIY friendly, inexpensive and comes in several textures, finishes and patterns.


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