Curb Appeal: Good First Impression

Operation Curb Appeal: Making a Good First Impression, Even In Winter

Everyone knows that winter isn’t the time to sell your home – less demand, fewer showings, dreary weather, and lackluster first impressions. If you can’t sell your home by October, you should take it off the market, right?

Not necessarily – in fact, winter can be an amazing time to put your house on the market, as long as you have a plan to make your home shine bright in that winter sun. And there are lots of ways that you can get the jump on the competitive springtime market by using the quaint, coziness of winter to make your house appeal to just about anyone.

Frozen Landscaping

Believe it or not, cold-weather landscaping can actually be a great opportunity to show off your home’s budding potential – even in the dead of winter. Shrubs and winter-blooming flowers can add a nice contrast against gray skies and white snow, and these hearty plants aren’t too difficult to find (or take care of). Floral options like Camellia, Winter Hazel, and Blue Holly can all last through the chill of winter and add a nice pop of color for your big first impression.

Quirky Paintjobs

 It can be easy to go overboard, but adding a few splashes of color around your home can make a big difference when it comes to bolstering your winter curb appeal. Off-white siding, white snow, and muted tones don’t exactly make for an eye-popping house – so why not do something creative, like a brightly colored front door to accent the façade of your home against that dreary winter backdrop?

If you’re feeling especially bold, you can even add splashes of color (tastefully, of course) to your fence, rails, patio, or shutters to enhance your home’s visibility and make a splash when your house hits the market.

Winter Wonderland

Nothing says warm and cozy like a well-decorated house in the winter. From traditional holiday décor to seasonal characters, making sure that your house feels like a place someone could call home for the holidays is critical to moving it on and off the market in the middle of winter.

The number one thing you can do? Add lights, especially to features you want to emphasize! Wrapping strands of holiday lights around birdbaths, trees and other landscaping features, and even illuminating the shed or other outdoor storage can really make your home look elegant, all while marketing these sweet bonus features that a potential buyer can prepare to enjoy.

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