Staying Afloat: Four Must-Have Pool Toys & Gadgets

Whether your pool is in- or above-ground, you probably don’t use it as often as you might like. There can be a number of factors that contribute to an underutilized backyard pool – and most of them are based around convenience. A speedy dip is almost never as quick as it seems, and having a pool at home can eventually start to seem like more of a hassle than a bonus.


That said, if you’re looking to rejuvenate your love for your pool, there are some great gadgets that you can get your hands on to enhance the experience. These neat items can add to your enjoyment and make your pool feel like a great place to go for a quick swim or spend a Saturday again.

Lighting & Waterproof Speakers

Image Credit: Business Insider (www.businessinsider.com)


Deck lighting and waterproof speakers are nothing new. For years, proud homeowners have surrounded their pool with an extensive array of sound systems and lighting solutions. But when combined with modern wireless technology, these speakers represent new opportunities that just weren’t possible in the past.

Bluetooth speakers and smart home technology (including lighting) combined with waterproof phone cases, for example, allow for complete control of the music and ambience right from the deep end. Floating wireless speakers add another level of control, allowing for a more intimate atmosphere that doesn’t require blasting music from the deck above to be heard in the water.

2. Floating Games

Outdoor games have always been popular – so why not make them float? From backyard classics like cornhole to more complex alternatives like poker, there’s almost guaranteed to be a pool-bound option for your favorite group activities. You can even get floating golf greens that will add an extra challenge to your putting game.

3. Outdoor Chargers

Gone are the days where you might need to haul out an extension cord and a power strip for everyone to charge their mobile devices while going for a dip (and the safety concerns, of course). Instead, take advantage of new pool deck (and even in-pool) charging setups, like a solar-powered charging table.

4. Floating Furniture

Image Credit: Fresh Patio (www.freshpatio.com)

There are obvious additions to a pool that can make enjoying a warm, sunny day even better. Floating rafts and loungers have been around for a long time. But what about floating beds with a canopy for shade? Or multi-seat floating islands that can accommodate a whole group of floating friends? And if you get hungry, gone are the days of needing to hop out and fetch snacks the old-fashioned way. Remote-controlled floating food trays are the convenience you never knew you needed.

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