• To Paint or Not to Paint

    Deciding whether or not to paint your home is a big decision.  It requires careful consideration but can also bring about a big transformation—with minimal expense.  If you’re still sitting on the fence about painting, maybe this blog will help… Read More

  • Top Home Remodeling Projects for 2019

    Consider 2019 the year of remodeling!  It’s time to start (and finish) those projects you’ve been thinking about for years.  But you don’t have to do it alone.  We’ve been in the business of renovating home interiors and exteriors for… Read More

  • Protect Your Pets this Winter

    As the temperatures drop, you do your best to protect your home and family, but what about your pets?  In winter, we like to think our furry friends are well-insulated against the cold.  While they may be more comfortable than… Read More

  • How to Prepare Your Deck for Winter Weather

    Winter’s coming early to Maryland! After the wettest year on record, we honestly can’t say we’re surprised. If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to prepare your deck for all the winter weather ahead. By following these steps,… Read More

  • Indoor Renovation Projects for Winter

    With the weather changing, so is our schedule for renovation. Winter’s actually the perfect time to catch up on indoor projects, whether you want to make subtle changes or a complete overhaul. Just stick to this list, and you should… Read More

  • Why Fall is the Best Time to Install a Deck

    What better way to enjoy the beautiful views that come with fall in Maryland than on your new deck? If you don’t have one now, this season is the perfect time for such an addition! Take it from our experts,… Read More

  • Leaf Blowing Basics

    Watching the leaves change colors is one of our favorite parts of fall! But having to clean them up afterward—not so much. Fortunately, we have access to technology like leaf blowers to make this task a little easier. If you’ve… Read More

  • The Best Way to Clean Your Windows

    Sometimes, all your windows need to look brand new is a thorough cleaning. Especially after a hot, humid summer, the glass can get a little dingy. Or, perhaps seriously dingy, depending on your circumstances. When the typical combination of spray… Read More

  • When to Close Your Pool

    Labor Day is only two weeks away, which means public pools across the state will be closing soon! When you have your own pool, though, you can choose to keep it open or close it even earlier—it all depends. So,… Read More

  • Do I Need Handrails?

    Whether you’re building a new deck, or you bought a house that already has one, don’t forget one of the most important details:  handrails.  When it comes to this safety feature, there are a lot of guidelines.  From construction codes… Read More

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