• Ideas for An Awesome Basement

    If You’re just using your basement for storage, you’re losing out on amazing opportunity to add further comfort and value to your home. Instead of letting the dust accumulate, why not turn the basement into a space of great meaning… Read More

  • Spicing Up Your Patio

    It may be winter but it’s never too late to plan ways to rejuvenate your patio! Here are some ideas to breathe new life and imagination into your outdoor patio! New Furniture Let’s be honest, a patio is awesome but… Read More

  • Choosing New Windows

    Windows offer comfort, fresh air, and light into a home that is truly unique to each individual house. Let’s be honest, windows are one of the most conspicuous and attractive aspects of the home, so why settle for adequate windows… Read More

  • Protecting Your Pool for Winter

    As we begin to transition into winter, it’s important to take steps in protecting your pool for its glorious return in summer. Be Proactive Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that simply covering up or draining your pool will… Read More

  • Tools Everyone Should Own

    Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, having the right tools is a necessity that can’t be overlooked. Emergencies happen being prepared for these situations will not only give you independence but a sense of ownership in your home. Here… Read More

  • Operation Curb Appeal: Making A Good First Impression, Even In Winter

    Everyone knows that winter isn’t the time to sell your home – less demand, fewer showings, dreary weather, and lackluster first impressions. If you can’t sell your home by October, you should take it off the market, right? Not necessarily… Read More

  • Protecting Your Fence & Deck Year-Round

    Spring and summer are an exciting time – just like blooming flowers and sprouting saplings, people begin to wake up from a long winter of staying bundled up and indoors, emerging into the sunny outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather…. Read More

  • Camping… Kinda: A Handy Guide To Backyard Survival

    Camping has been a favorite pastime of many people for decades, harkening back to childhood outings and adventures. Do you miss those simple evenings as a kid? Sitting around a bonfire and roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories before tucking into… Read More

  • Awesome Tailgate Tips & Tricks

    Tailgating. A tradition almost as American as the game itself, this pre-game (and sometimes mid- and post-game) activity is an amazing opportunity to bond with your friends and neighbors. From the sweet smell of barbecue to the eruption of cheers… Read More

  • A Basic Guide To Preparing Your Deck For Fall & Winter

    As leaves slowly begin to change color and cooler temperatures start to settle in, it will become clear in the next few weeks that fall isn’t far off. And when that happens, we also know that winter isn’t far behind… Read More

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