• The Best Way to Clean Your Windows

    Sometimes, all your windows need to look brand new is a thorough cleaning. Especially after a hot, humid summer, the glass can get a little dingy. Or, perhaps seriously dingy, depending on your circumstances. When the typical combination of spray… Read More

  • When to Close Your Pool

    Labor Day is only two weeks away, which means public pools across the state will be closing soon! When you have your own pool, though, you can choose to keep it open or close it even earlier—it all depends. So,… Read More

  • Do I Need Handrails?

    Whether you’re building a new deck, or you bought a house that already has one, don’t forget one of the most important details:  handrails.  When it comes to this safety feature, there are a lot of guidelines.  From construction codes… Read More

  • Repair or Reseal Your Driveway

    Remember how good your driveway looked when you first had it paved?  All sleek, modern, and smooth.  Over time, even durable asphalt loses its rich, dark color.  Constant use and exposure to the elements can a take a toll on… Read More

  • Adding Privacy to Your Outdoor Space

    Now that you’re able to enjoy your outdoor space a little more, you may find yourself looking into your neighbor’s backyard more than you would like.  Regardless of the proximity, it’s possible to add certain features that enhance your privacy…. Read More

  • Will Adding a Deck Increase My Home’s Value?

    As far as home improvements go, some are better investments than others.  Adding a deck is actually a great project that creates an extra selling point, without breaking the budget.  While you may want to incorporate features in line with… Read More

  • Fire Pit 101: The Basics of Safety and Maintenance

    What’s better than sitting around a crackling fire with your friends on a cool summer night?  Sharing this experience at your own fire pit!  This time of year, it’s great for outdoor entertaining since it provides a little extra warmth… Read More

  • A Brief Gazebo Q & A

    Some outdoor spaces are more common than others, so where do gazebos fall?  They’re actually quite common in public venues like parks, gardens, and event spaces, but less so on private property.  Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t add… Read More

  • Bathroom Renovations: Save or Splurge?

    In the real estate market, bathroom renovations tend to give you the best bang for your buck!  Not only does they attract more buyers as turnkey properties, but also newly remodeled homes command a higher asking price—especially in today’s competitive… Read More

  • Is it Time to Reseal Your Deck?

    Even the most durable wooden deck will start to show signs of wear after a while.  When did you have yours installed?  Last year?  The year before that? If you  have to think farther back, then you may want to… Read More

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