• Prep & Plant: A Spring Garden Guide

    It’s getting to be that time of year – the frigid winds of winter are just a fleeting memory and the days are longer and warming up fast. What does that mean? It’s gardening season! When it comes to preparing… Read More

  • The Big Decision: Deck or Patio?

    Maybe you just purchased a new home or maybe you’ve simply decided you’re tired of grilling on the grass. Either way, you’ve got two good options to create a hard surface in your backyard – a deck or a patio…. Read More

  • Better Backyard: Three Easy Décor Items to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

    Whether you’re inheriting a backyard with the purchase of a house, or you’ve been working on cultivating that beautiful lawn and garden for years, you probably know that the list of chores to be done outside never seems to end…. Read More

  • Spring Cleaning: Deck Edition

    If you’ve had your deck for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the shine has, quite literally, worn off over the years. Exposure to the elements, direct sunlight, and other natural factors simply aren’t too friendly to your once-lovely deck,… Read More

  • Maximizing Outdoor Space

    Maximizing the Value of Your Outdoor Space Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or you’re looking to make improvements to enjoy for years to come, there are certain projects that make more sense than others when it comes… Read More

  • Designing Deck Railings

    Designing a Deck You’ll Love: Deck Railings Building a new deck can be an incredibly exciting project – whether you’re finally getting rid of a shabby old deck or installing one for the first time, a new deck is, in… Read More

  • Summer Pests

    Carpenter Bees: Protecting Your Fence & Deck From Summer Pests Deck and fence materials – especially softwoods and even some hardwoods – are often prone to a huge variety of garden pests. Although hardwoods can help protect against some lesser… Read More

  • Repair or Replace: A Guide to Evaluating Your Outdoor Eyesore

    It can be a tough call when you have an old or damaged deck or fence – do you try to repair it (and risk having to replace it anyway) or do you jump straight into replacing it with a… Read More

  • Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Spring is coming soon and that means longer days, warmer weather, and LOTS of homes going on the market. If you’re thinking about selling your home this spring, you may be looking for ways to make sure you’re getting the… Read More

  • Winter proofing Deck

    Preventive Maintenance: Winter proofing Your Deck Can Save You Big Bucks It happens every year – winter comes along and brings with it a whole stack of messes to clean up. Burst pipes, cracked driveways, broken gutters, fallen trees… any… Read More

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